Roof membrane
Eco Seal gutter

Roof membrane rejuvenation

Waterproof roofing membranes need to have high UV protection to handle harsh environments. Our liquid membrane waterproofing system delivers ‘like new’ roofing protection for your buildings. 

Roofs can be waterproofed with our Eco Seal 100 membrane coating system. Combined with a reinforcing scrim and another top layer of the membrane, it is the best performing liquid membrane in the industry. 

Roof coating

Eco Seal 100 liquid membrane system can be applied over any old coatings such as rubber sheet, bitumen, fibreglass, and more. We also work with architects and builders to ensure roof and deck areas on new builds are completely waterproof.

Internal gutters

When an old gutter is slumped it holds water and inevitably fails. Eco Seal 100 can be applied over traditional membranes to restore failing gutters so that they can take ponding water without deteriorating. There is no major construction or costly removal required. This process is a cost-effective and non-evasive solution.

Deck rejuvenation
non-slip boat deck

Deck rejuvenation

EcoSeal 100 is the ultimate product to waterproof deck areas and prevent leaks. Its unique properties create a durable seamless membrane to combat any leaky deck issues.

Ponding water is common with a lot of older existing decks. EcoSeal can be built up to remove most low points or it is happy to take pounding water indefinitely.

Non-slip decking

ABEP’s non-slip EcoSeal coating is highly effective for residential and commercial decking, roof areas that require access, and all aspects of marine requirements including steps and walkways. Our textured non-skid coating can be used indoor or outdoor to increase the grip on the surface.

driveway glow markings

Glow-in-the-dark coatings

Our Eco Glow 100 product contains a high performance, long lasting photo-luminescent pigment in two vivid colour options. The high luminescence value and rapid recharge provides visibility in all levels of light including blackout.

Not only is Eco Glow 100 tough, it also offers UV stability and a high degree of protection from water ingress.

Common uses of Eco Glow 100