Eco Seal Roof

Eco Seal 100

All purpose high performance liquid membrane

Pitched & flat roof poly-aspartic water-proofing membrane. It is an all-purpose, fully adhered, poly-aspartic liquid membrane that can be applied by roller, brush or spray applications to create a durable flexible membrane for deck and roof installations, as well as a non-permeable wall tanking membrane coating.

Approved Applications
Substantial Benefits of Eco Seal 100
Roof rejuvenation

Link Coat

Binding mechanism between surface and coating

Link Coat is a solvent-free, two-part, tough and hard-wearing etch primer. It adheres to existing painted surfaces, concrete, timber and waterproofing membranes and sealants with minimal preparation.

Link Coat is frequently used as an etch primer to ensure adhesion of subsequent coatings over areas with silicone or hydrophobic sealers.

driveway glow markings

Eco Glow 100

Exterior grade photo-luminescent coating

Eco-Glow 100 PL is a two pack flexible self priming high hysteresis water-proofing membrane, designed for on-site application to walkways, bridge rails, tunnels and building entrances, concrete coving, wharfs and jetties, roof top walkways, step, stairs and ladders or any substrate that needs to be visible during the hours of darkness.

It’s great for surfaces that also require toughness, UV stability and a high degree of protection from water ingress. Contains a high performance, long-lasting photo-luminescent pigment with high luminescence value and rapid recharge.

Eco-Glow 100 PL is a zero VOC product suitable for most substrates.

Substantial Benefits of Eco Glow 100
Moss and Mould

Muck Off

Moss and mold killer

A highly effective bio-degradable water based moss and mold killer that is safe for the environment and also the applicator. Results are much more rapid than the chemical based products.

Features and Benefits of Muck Off